Voting panel and Parameters for voting

Johnny “The Jet” Return Specialist Award

To be considered for the Jet Award players must be a Division I college football team member and meet the following qualifications:

  • Be a primary return specialist (Kick or Punt returner) for their team.
  • Be among the national leaders in return categories
  • Shows leadership, courage, desire, respect for authority and discipline.

The first round of voting should be conducted in late September and early October. From that first round of votes, the list of 12 semifinalists will be created and released at the end of October.

The second round of voting will take place in mid-October to form the list of four finalists.  A final vote in early December to determine the winner and the decision is announced at the Award Presentation.

Johnny Rodgers will also receive a vote along with the previous winner (s)Joe Adams

Media Voting Panel

Tom Shatel   Omaha World Herald (Local)

Adam Rittenberg (Midwest/National)

Bruce Feldman   CBS (Pac-12/National)

Dennis Dodd  CBS  (Midwest)

Coley Harvey  Orlando Sentinel  (Florida)

Gerry Dinardo  BTN Former Head Coach   (Midwest/National)

Damon Benning  Former College FB Player

Blair Kerkoff   KC Star  (Midwest)

George Schroeder  USA Today (Pacific NW)

Cedric Golden  Austin American Statesman  (Texas)

Edward Aschoff (Southeast)

Lisa Horne  Fox Sports  (Pac-12)

Charles Davis  Fox sports/NFL Network  (National)

For more information on the Jet Award go to


One thought on “Voting panel and Parameters for voting

  1. What a great voting panel. Great work so far. My only recommendation would be to get a real domain. Using the wordpress platform is great but you gain a bit more credibility with a real site, real domain.

    Keep it up.

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